Electronic Palace Festival is a website project that I had to design entirely during a study exam. I was a student in 1st year of BUT Métier du Multimédia et de l'Internet in Montbéliard, and the last exam consisted in creating a website for a fictitious music festival that we also had to produce. This exam was meant to test our abilities in web development, using the new skills and practices we have discovered and deepened during this year.

We had previously created the festival by choosing the style of music, the place and the date. Then we created the visual identity of the festival. We had 1 week to realize a model and the final website by using the development techniques which were given to us.

My role

Develop a responsive website from the Figma mockup with the goal of using the Tailwind CSS framework.

EPF should be developed using Vuejs and a database to create modify and delete data displayed on the website. A login and registration service was also required.

The solutions

Graphic process

Step 1: Choose the colors and typography to use. A consistent choice of colors and typography for an electronic music festival.

Writing the textual content is part of the preliminary steps, with the goal of properly building your layout.

Step 2: I decided to look at building interaction elements such as buttons or cards. This was followed by the creation of the different pages of the website.

3rd step: The site map, this is the graphical representation of all the pages and their navigation links.

Step 4: Start website development using Vuejs, Tailwind CSS and Firebase.


  • Login, logout and register on the website.

  • Create an "artist" file.

  • Modify an "artist" file.

  • Delete an "artist" file.